New update is out!

Welcome to Wizard Simulator. 🧙

Unlock new spells, staffs, pets and more to become the strongest wizard in the world! 
Defeat powerful bosses 🎃 and find secret treasures 🌟 on your adventure!

Gamepass or rewarded pets can not be deleted!

Join Polaris Studio to increase your GOLD gains!

Last Updates:
Candy World Boss
4 new spells: Za Warudo, Mega Shield, Ice Cage, Ice Beam - You can't freeze people in PvP!
New wave defense gamemode in New Castle (very hard, beat this for Za Warudo)
2 new codes (twitter and group!)
Buffed XP and Gold in all worlds except Candyland and Dummy world
Dedicated PvP Servers
Expanded PvP map
New robux pet: Daireb Eye
New robux mounts: Pegasus, Magic Fish
Several balance changes
Other minor changes (aka forgotten)

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