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Welcome to a game where you and your friends plan to travel to a 5 star vacation resort! Due to some unexpected events, you and your friends get stranded on an island, where you get a very different vacation experience that ended up being more surprising than you ever thought it would be. The story of this game is intended to teach you about our Earth, while enjoying the overall game experience!

Music is by ROBLOX's signed agreement with APM Music Catalog. 

VIP SERVERS: VIP Server Owners get the permission to set the max number of players for each boat, and the ability to shut down the lobby.

Save The Earth!

The Island was worked on since 4/17/2019. I strive to provide an excellent experience to all players, I hope you enjoy the game! Ferry boats inspired by Lumber Tycoon 2. Thank you to everyone that supported me in the making of this game!


There are currently no running experiences.