The Original Escape Prison Obby! 
🔒 Welcome to the New Escape Prison Obby. So we've just been handed a life sentence of 150 years in Robloxia's worst and toughest prison EVER. This is just not fair, so it looks like it's finally time to ESCAPE! This will be no easy task, though. You must traverse and break through prison security systems and avoid the guards. Can you ESCAPE PRISON? 🔒

👍 Please leave a like and favorite if you enjoyed the game, and join the group Mega Obbies if you want to see more games like this. Thanks! :D 👍

❗ Game by General_Punctuation
❗ Inspirations from PlatinumFalls & Stickmasterluke

Tags: (Ignore) Obby Cartoony Fun Adventure Escape Motel Manager Sewer Get Eaten Evil Obby Parkour Prison


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