This house was built in the 1850's and this house is standing to this day. Many family's lived, and died in this farm house. They took care of cattle, sheep, horses, you name it. It's now 2013 and the house has been remodeled from the 1870's 1920's 1970's 2000's, this house is a good size for a farmers family.

3 bed rooms, kitchen, living room, 2 bath rooms,

But back in the 1850's this house was nothing but a stone farm house. Small fit perfect for a farmers life. There were no bath rooms back in the days of the 1850's this house only had your main needs. A place to cook and eat, a place to rest your head after a hard days work.
But over the ages these family grew in numbers and decided they need more room. So they built on the house and put work into this house to make it a nice place to live. Those familys are dead now. Who knows all the great times they had, the bad times, in this farm but I'm sure they loved and enjoyed there life in this farm house. [Real Life Sized]

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