07/13/2023 UPDATE!: Added new row for "STATS" in menu. The whole game before True Ending parts have gone through lots of changes. Some monster paintings removed or hidden. Monster encounters differently. Harder to find or see. Blood is reduced or turned black. Most picture smiles have been removed or hidden. Changed some areas slightly. Little additions. Bug Fixes too. Enjoy :)

HIGHLY recommend you play this on PC.

Upload YouTube videos of this. I will gladly watch them all. :)

Light Bulb, created by Zeekerss is now fixed! :)
   Fixed things from Zeekerss version:
   - Doors open normally
   - Fixed all sounds
   - Fixed all phones
   - Fixed camera angles that would be annoying
   - Animations have been fixed
New Additions: 
   - More objects/Details
   - Black/Minor blood
   - Unused/New monsters added
   - New and redesigned rooms
   - Stars for Skybox 
   - Your own avatar (R6)
   - Many more ways to DIE...


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