Do you want to play in the 3v3 tournament? Contact me! It will start around the last week in April! Period lengths are determined by me. You will be informed 30 mins before the game. DM me who you want on your team!

Scoring in the game (unless you rent it out, then it's your choice):
1 point - Dunk, Freethrow
2 points - Mid Range
3 points - Beyond The Arc
4 points - Halfcourt
6 points - Fullcourt

Are you good at making basketball arenas? DM me!

Wanna join my basketball league? Tell me! Is your team looking for a to play/practice basketball? Well, you have come to the right spot! PM me to book it and give me 10 robux and rent this court for one game! If no one books it, then you can play for as long as you want! 

Shoot: Left Click 
Raise Power: E 
Lower Power: Q 
Crossup: C 
Around Left: F
Around Right: G 
Around Cross: H 
Fakeout: R 
Fake Around Left: V 
Fake Around Right: B 
Dunking: T 
Handles: L

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