Welcome to the Quantum Science Energy Research Facility, situated in Madison, Connecticut on the Eastern seaboard of the US. QSERF houses the first and only functional prototype of the generation-one DMR. Come see the blast of the past of August 18th, 1985.
Builders: TheWildDeveloper, Lectoric, and iXev 
Scripters: Phoenixism, BmanGames, Axd04, and TheWildDeveloper
Voice Actors: DTrainsMan123, Avanteous, Elsa_Frostiri, TheFirePaw
Other Contributors: Kextra, Lugenstein, SteveCShel
Concept Art: Fan Zang and Lamarr11
© Copyright of Quantum Corporation / Quantum Science Inc.
Tags: nuclear reactor core dark matter dmr facility research laboratory labs bunker fusion nuke meltdown refuel chernobyl disaster fuel hazmat simulator power plant

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