✨ Your journey starts here 🗺️!

You begin your tycoon in the wooden ages and evolve through time to the medieval ages 🔮, the modern ages 🏛️, and finally to the future 🤖. Find exotic fruit 🍇 (and dangerous ones 💥), duel with your opponents ⚔️, and become the King of the Hill 👑. Defend your base 🛡️, steal the flag of your opponents 🏳️, and dominate the server with the help of your teammate 🗡️.

[💰] Join the "Code Rainbow" group to start out with 1,000 FREE POINTS!
[💎] Users with Premium membership start out with a better weapon.
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📜 Programmed by Straphos, smellypencil and Trxel
🔨 Modeled and built by Straphos, Celastrino and Gidein
✏️ Contributions by onstring and iMeepler


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