~ Any toxicity will result in a kick on the spot. Multiple kicks will lead to a temp ban then a perm ban ~

Salutations Robloxian, this here is the Tower of Cogs, a place for Cogs to be created, Oil to be exported, and expansion to start. Please stay with your guide, as a snooping Robloxian, is a dead Robloxian.

Please note that at the current time tours and meetings will not be held normally due to the construction of the Factory, thank you for your patience and constant Support. -NKM Tower Janitor

The Cogs are from the game Toontown Online created by Disney.
Builders: TheChairmanOfCogs, Qwerpster, wruaxus, ThatJoJoGuy101, CJOfTheTower, ART_ABSTRACT
Scripters: TheChairmanOfCogs, NKM9, VPOfTheTower
Music by: LordBasw, distroierONE 
Artists: SellbotVisor1, ART_ABSTRACT
Icon and Thumbnail: Aragk
Suits: Koyaemi

Cogs Group:


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