NEW Lobby Update:
+ Lobby Extension, NEW Practice Zone!
+ All Game Item's Display!
+ Marble Run Improvement!
+ Lobby Parts Clipping Fixed!

NEW VIP Servers Update:
+ VIP Server Owners can now set the ACID SPEED and play UNRELEASED MAPS! (No music as they won't be released).

New Badges:
+ "Medium Win!" , "Hard Win!"


*VIP Server Owners Can Choose Any Map. Click the red star, then input exact map name, Click confirm then "Lock Map: ON". (If you input an invalid map name, reset.)

Shutdown = Update/Bug Fixes.

Oh no! Someone has leaked acid into the lab! Quick! Try escape as the acid engulfs the lab! Try escape or be destroyed by acid!

This game is a WIP and I WILL work hard on it.

Game by FemmyFennec.


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