+ NEW "Ocean Dreams" Map!

+ NEW "Lobby" Map!

+ NEW "Emulator" Map!

+ NEW "Retro" Map!

+ Lobby Music Is Now Back!

+ "Race Winner!" Badge! , + "Lobby Escape!" Badge! , + "Ocean Dreams!" Badge! , + "Emulated" Badge! 

+ "Nostalgia!" Badge! , + "Doomed..." Badge!  , + "Hidden Badge 2!" Badge!

+ Small Improvements To The Lobby And Overall Game!

More Badges / Maps coming in future updates!


Shutdown = Update/Bug Fixes.

Oh no! Someone has leaked acid into the lab! Quick! Try escape as the acid engulfs the lab! Try escape or be destroyed by acid!

This game is a WIP and I WILL work hard on it.

Game by Miss_Fennec.


There are currently no running experiences.