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Version: 1.88.2
--CHANGELOG [Full Log In Community Server]--
- VALENTIE'S DAY: Set Cost of Vehicles and Equipment to $0
- Reduced Bison, Buffalo, and ATX-75MM Muzzle Velocity
- Fixed issues with AA-30MM on death
- Added Range Table to S-168 Heliad
Shutdown = update

Welcome to Aegis, a strategic military tycoon set in the future.  Plan attacks on targets using a variety of land and air vehicles while defending your faction's assets. Grow your faction by building bases and outposts. Kill enemy players and destroy buildings to level up and unlock new vehicles and weapons.

Note: We are going through a recode soon. New Content will be added when we release. Thank you all for being patient with us.

Made by the Beta community with Widgeon's direct permission to create and profit. Rules are listed in the community social link.


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