Welcome to Sonic Tycoon! In this game you get to play as: Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Robotnik, Amy, Shadow, Blaze, Classic & Movie characters, and more!
You can explore worlds, team up with allies, or battle against other players! Build, fight, and explore!

This game also has many extras, and bonuses. Such as: Badges, secrets, alternate morphs of the same character, and even a MUSIC SELECTION! 
VIP Servers are now free and open to everyone. Why? To reduce lag, and be able to play the game uninterrupted.

This is the original Sonic Tycoon, created in 2015, this game gets regularly updated. Many knock-offs are out there to get plays.

SHUTDOWN = Update or Bug Fix

This game is a fan-project, this game is NOT affiliated with SEGA or Sonic Team. All rights and characters go to SEGA, Sonic Team, and Paramount. (Movie Characters)


There are currently no running experiences.