Dungeon Delver is the ORIGNAL old-school dungeon crawler on Roblox started by Gl0in and Gl0in2 in 2013. This version includes many balances and countless new features. If you like Diablo, Runescape, or other dungeon crawlers, you'll enjoy this.
Suport for DD has ended. Thank you for the many years of the game!

A few things this game has:
~ 5 classes and 85 skills
~ Randomly generated dungeons
~ Create parties to not play alone (click on playerlist)
~ Craft, sell, and trade items
~ Complete daily tasks for free legendary items
~ Buy furniture and customize your house
~ Event decorations from prior events

Like the game? Please share it with friends or make a video of it.
Although this is playable on mobile device, it's HIGHLY suggested to use PC.

Group for the games I've made:
I have permission from Gl0in to continue the game's legacy. They still have ownership of all original assets.


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