All models, scripts, interface and animations were made by me. Inspiration was the game "Brawl Stars", which belongs to Supercell, and can be downloaded on Google Play.
It's a fan-made game for fans and new players that want to discover this world

"Octopus Beats" Music track isn't working currently, but you won't loose your gems, as we're going to fix this issue.

Latest Updates:
- New Free Fighting Map (they now change every 20 minutes)
- New Brawler: Sprout
- Gene and Rico's Gadgets
- Zoom Option for console players
- Option to disable Name Display (to prevent targetting)
- 20 Badges to unlock for various achievements
- Few brawlers have attacks colour based on their team (blue or red)
- New Progression System with Credits (without removing the Boxes!)
Full Update log is on our Server in Social Links

Check out our Server in Social Links, to suggest something, report bugs or just talk.


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