All models, scripts, interface and animations were made by me. Inspiration was the game "Brawl Stars", which belongs to Supercell, and can be downloaded on Google Play.

Latest Updates:
-Star Points and first Star Skin - Iris Tara
-2 New Musics
-True Gold and Silver Tara
-Tara Remodel
-New Music System (players who owned old music receive gems as a recompensation)
-Last 2 Tara Star Powers (now all brawlers have Star Powers)
-Star Powers for Frank, Piper, Carl, El Primo, Barley and Rosa
-Star Powers for Crow, Gene and Pam
-More Star Powers: Shelly, Bull, Jessie, Darryl, Amber
-Visible Health Bar and Reload Bar above brawler, you're playing with
-New Gamemode on Arena: Knockout
-Quests now save and don't reset when rejoining
-New Attack Types for Boss Robot on Arena
-New circles under Brawlers
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