🚨 NEW CODE AT 350K LIKES! 👍 Use code "thx_for300klikes" for an XP Potion!

⭐ Skills! Earn skill points by leveling up, and spend them on powerful new skills!
⚔️ Dungeon Changes! Monster levels are now based off the lowest level player in the squad!
🌲 New Lobby! 
🏝️ New Trading Hub! The Pro Lobby has transformed into the Trading hub, now accessible at Level 15!
📖 New Collection - Codes!

⚔️ Welcome to Treasure Quest! Loot treasure, battle monsters, and complete unique quests as you and your friends become the ultimate treasure hunters! Fight as a Wizard, Warrior, or Archer as you clear through over a dozen unique dungeons!

🤑 Roblox Premium Benefits: +25% Gold, XP, & Luck!

⭐ Join the Nosniy Games group for a special Chat Tag, exclusive Weapon, and access to the Prize Wheel!


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