🎉 UPDATE 32 🎉
🦪 New Pearls Currency! Earn them from Dungeons and Quests!
🌴 New Limited Summer Shop!
👹 New Limited Boss Fight: Elementus!
🥥 New Coconut Hunt!
🏆 New Prize Wheel!
🔨 5 New Limited Recipes!
🏅 Two New Badges!
💰 Two New Packs!
⚙️ New Settings & Statistics!
🔍 New Boosts Visual! See exactly what boosts are active!
🧪 Effect Potions have been changed to Unique Potions!
⌛ Potions only count down when you're playing now!
💸 New Gamepasses: +100 Backpack Slots & +250 Backpack Slots!
☘️ VIP Gamepass now gives +50% Gold, XP, & Luck!
🐛 Dozens of Quality of Life changes and bug fixes!

⚔️ Welcome to Treasure Quest! Steal treasure, battle monsters, and complete unique quests as you and your friends become the ultimate treasure hunters! Fight as a Wizard or a Warrior, the choice is yours!

⭐ Join the group "Nosniy Games" for a special Chat Tag, exclusive Weapon, and access to the Prize Wheel!

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