❤️ Update: June 23rd, 2018: Mirror M⁣use is now FREE TO PLAY, (no paid access)! If you had fun playing, please consider giving a thumbs-up! 👍🏼

Mirror M⁣use is a puzzle game about reflecting laser beams off mirrors into nodes! Check out the tutorial for more info.
✨Tutorial and Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 will unlock as you play.
✨ Solve over 50 puzzles!
✨ Not enough? Unlock more puzzles modules for 10 R$ each: The Doors, Queens and Splitter
✨ Gain access to the LEVEL EDITOR by grabbing the game pass for 40 R$!

▶️ Official fan group: ◀️
▶️Follow @MirrorMuseRBLX on Twitter for small update snippets.  ◀️

❔ Don't see text? Resize the game window to fix it!



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