🎄Winter Event!🎄 - 2020-2021 Winter raid in lobby level 25+ raid section!
No Codes available right now ):

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We're working on a sequel to this game that takes place 400 years in the future! The sequel will fix all the bugs you encounter in this game and a bunch more! Check out our progress on the sequel here!

Colossus Legends 2 PvP Demo video:

Run: Left Shift
Dash: W + W
Double Jump: Space-bar+Space-bar
Parkour: Run + Double Jump + Space-bar
Free Fall: Double Jump + R
Block: C

Game Ports
PC: 100%
Mobile: 75% (To enabled mobile controls in game go to, menu, options, game ports and then click mobile)

Game Updates/Changes:(2/20/21)

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