🌵 Be a cactus and do what a cactus does best.🌵

By playing minigames you earn points.
💎 Crystals = new pots
🍃 Nature = new items and faces
❤️ Love = New pets
✨ Magic = New titles and effects
Note: You never lose points. even if you buy new stuff of re-enter this game.

VIP: Of course you don't have to pay for anything, but if you buy a pass or extra points you help me a lot! even if you buy the cheapest pass I am already extremly thankful! However... I am already thankful that you played my game anyway.

🐒 I try to update this game every month
So please come back for more badges and minigames. 🐒

🐒 Please message me anytime if you don't like something about my place. I will do anything to improve or fix it.🐒

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