[Dev Statement] 
Many players have been experiencing hit detection problems for many months. We aware of this, however, the problem of solving aimbot exploits and ping issues while keeping hits consistent is incredibly difficult to solve. The hit detection system is constantly adjusted to make sure exploited shots don't pass through, but often also rejects regular shots.

We are still testing different fixes to hit detection on live servers while collecting data, but our attempts may not always be perfect or successful. 
We hope you understand the technical challenges we are trying to solve and we appreciate your continued support for our game.

[Recent updates] 
- New Prison Break map!
- Added FAL 50.63 PARA, MSG90, SA58 SPR, MC51 SD
- Attachment rebalances

Thank you for helping us reach 1M likes on PF! 
For support, update archive, spawn issues, reporting and more, please read the topic below:

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