Sorry for the long delay in this update! 
We have been testing a major revampled minimap radar system for a while and now we have finally released it!

[Update 4.4.5]
- New party game mode "Gun Game" for VIP servers
   > You have to be VIP server owner to invoke this mode
   > Attachments are completely randomized on each gun
   > Melee kills demote the victim down a gun
   > Use the map command to use this mode like so "/map:Desert Storm:gg:30" where 30 is the number of guns to play in the mode

[Update 4.4.0]
- New AA-12 Automatic shotgun (Rank 112)!
- New Five Seven handgun (Rank 57)!
- New HK416 assault rifle (Rank 64)!
- Major minimap radar system revamp!
- Fixed day/night cycle
- Many other minor fixes and adjustments listed in PF change log wiki

Thank you for helping us reach 1M likes on PF! 
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