A short open world experience of a new era in which mother nature meets the extinction of humanity.

8th Bloxy nomination! I have a playable sequel coming out! Hardcore survival horror game. Report bugs please. Immersive experience is necessary.

🏆 UPDATE: New Ending!
⚠️UPDATE: New trees, flower model (Credit: ii_mokey)
⚠️UPDATE: Environment rearranged.

Recommended graphic level: 6-7 if you lag. If lag badly, go to level 1 and it will still look good.

Theme: Fantasy Modern Post-Apocalypse.

Finding 3 notes or looking at badge descriptions can give some lore. The full lore will be in sequel game.

Original creation date: May 1st, 2020.

Graphic depth: AngryPhoenixx
Part models, Street layout, buildings: AngryPhoenixx
Scripting: Notoraxi
Voice acting: AngryPhoenixx, Notoraxi, Cielalyst, Aeon_Spectral
Models: ii_mokey.
Vehicles: Valve ( Will be replaced in future)

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