💥 Tired of endless clicking simulator games? Welcome to a fun and action-packed game called SuperHero Battle Simulator! Become your favorite superhero and villain characters and fight enemies and epic bosses. 

βš”οΈ Choose Base - Fight Enemies - Earn Points - Unlock SuperHeroes

🎁 Super Bonuses 🎁
- Free 10000 points for new players
- Hulkbuster will help fight enemies to give you points

β˜€οΈ Super Features β˜€οΈ
- Over 60 characters and weapons to unlock feat. The Avengers, Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy, Teen Titans and Spider-Verse
- Over 40 epic bosses feat. Thanos, Galactus, Reverse Flash, Ocean Master and Mysterio
- No kill stealing or last hit points; earn points as you damage an enemy
- PVP Zone
- Compatible on PC, Mobile and Xbox

👍 Join SuperHero Fighting Simulator Club for Free:
- Thanos Sword
- Spider-Ham Pet
- Lucky Firework (gives 1-10 points per pop)
- Super Fan Badge

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