Location: Gibraltar, Spain.
LAWS AND GUIDE(For Gibraltar and all other ports):

Raid Rules: 5 TRFN and one Vice Admiral+ must be present before the raid begins. Whether the group may raid or not will be determined by the superior officer. 

RULES: Flaming is okay WITHIN REASON. This is to be determined by whatever admins are present at the time the flaming occurs. Bunnyhopping IS allowed, as is any other glitch you can find in the game. Anything goes in terms of what you can accomplish with ingenuity. 

Credit for help: 
Head Developer: Alertcoderf
Assistant Scripter: Rivaille
Mark901 for ship system basis, cannon basis, KI/FDSJ technology and ideas.
Unit582 for the Cutter you see in game.
Willkid11/Akg for the original style of the port

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