Hi, I'm Director Dal, (Dalekbobored)

So when I heard ages ago that there was a competition going on to see who could build the best rocket, I thought "I've made a few rockets before, why not give it a shot?" and here it is.

As this rocket became more and more sophisticated I contacted some of the leaders of NASA and told them about my work. They were impressed and I soon started to climb the ranks. I now reside as Director and after a number of tests and flights I am now ready to say that this is open to a public launch. 

The Shuttle is fairly basic, it only takes 2 pilots and 3 mission controllers to fly but it is my best rocket by far. It is called Aspiration and is now onto STS launches regularly. I made every part of this including the shuttle it self. It can be controlled entirely from the ground and the pilots land it themselves.

We have launched RS, but this will still remain a central part of NASA.


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