Hello, NASA Members!
You come here, if you wish to be promoted to the rank "Astronaut". Read the Promotion Guide found in NASA'S NASDIS-CORD, then complete the course. There are three stages of the course. Once that is done, you need to screenshot a photo of yourself, proving you have successfully completed the course. Then you upload the screenshot into a decal onto ROBLOX and then send it to the person which is The Head Of The Promotion Department in NASA.
Once you have been promoted, this means you can be a Co-Pilot in official missions, however you may not always get picked. We do need to take it in turns and it does depend on your behaviour. To be a Pilot in a mission, you will need to be an "Advanced Astronaut". For more information, please read the promotion guide.
Please watch this video which shows how you complete the basic Astronaut Training, so you can get promoted to the rank of an "Astronaut". Link;
Thank you.


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