Welcome to the Mythsman Diner!
Socialize with myths and myth hunters alike, pop a drink and listen to some tunes.
NOTE: Shutdowns = Updates
Thumbnail credit:
CIairaudience for making the game icon.
Developer credit:
Dianoetic, ToastedBlues, CIairaudience, Pennyypacker, Smiley624, BIueMirror, Kites_Calamity, McWafflez4Realz, S0_LSTICE, BopperDuppet, UnsanitarySeal, nokomls, RabidCris, D3tectiveBailey, and niftyinfinity. Additional credits will be added in the future.
Art Credit:
Pennyypacker for making the sunset painting and the official Mythsman Diner poster.
ToastedBlues for making the Mythsman framed poster.

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