The point of this game is not to be challenging but to have fun pwning zombies! All zombies die ragdoll deaths, so for a laugh try shooting a zombie in the led while its running up stairs or at the top of an escalator!
Previous updates:                         
Theatre complex, flamethrower, shovel, board w/nail.Fixed stuff. Crowbar! Now there is a boss zombie, if u can find him. Also there are now a freeze ray and banana! New California Pizza Kitchen, Parking lot, Laser Gun, Ninja star, Scythe!                            
All Weapons: chainsaw, mp5, handgun, grenade, scar-H(says famas), AA12, banana, shovel, fryingpan, scythe, ninja star,board with nail, pump action shotgun, flamethrower, laser gun, freeze ray!
The game is now back a couple updates. Barely any lag. YAY!


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