Randomized content update. New floors, new zombies, and new weapons too!
Zombie count now scales with the number of survivors 

Cash is now capped at 25k. Buying cash will bypass this limit. You do not lose any of your previously earned money, but you will not gain any more from gameplay while you are above the limit. 

Welcome to ZTR, a remake of the classic game, Zombie Tower. Work as a  team to reach the top of the tower. 
This game is in beta and developed solely by me. Expect to see some glitches and updates released slowly. 

ARTWORK BY: littleforceflex
Menu Music by: Zero Project

Controls ~
LShift to sprint
RMB to aim
R to reload
Q/MouseWheel to switch to your secondary
T to open the scoreboard
F to melee

Planned Updates ~

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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