-Gamepasses in the store to enhance your combat capability-

1) No Spawn Killing (Spawn trap is fine)
The moment you leave your spawn it becomes spawn trap!!!
2) No Team killing
3) No FF killing (FFs will likely be removed)
4) No empty server raiding.
5) Try to keep direct name calling at a minimum.
6) No flaming, if you dis like this place feel free to leave.
7) No admin abuse, IF you catch an abuser, film/take a screenshot and show me.
8) Must have 8 RC + 1HR and 4 Raiders to be official.
9)PM Kyleme before each raid. (30 minutes ATLEAST)
10) NO RC MAY RAID - Bannable
Failing to meet any of these rules will result in a kick or even a ban.

How to win: First team to 300 KOs wins. NO RAID TIME

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This experience does not support Private Servers.


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