Welcome to Furana!
here, we cherish our community and want to make a safe place for all of us! we are a growing community to bring everyone together.
If there is rule breakers on the game, please report it ASAP!!

the game is fully functional and is for all furs to play ^^ if you like the game, give it a follow and a thumbs up!
THIS GAME FOLLOWS ROBLOX TOS: we have action to ban or kick you if you repeatedly break TOS depending on severity!

WARNING: this game contains high graphic meshes for realistic look and massive ammounts of big terrain work, bad laptops/phones will probably not function on this game!

(whats new:ACCESSORIES!)
what we are working on:
Manokits, and cats/felines AND more accessories

if you like this game go give some modivation to this game made by our scripter!

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