Who wants regular pets when you can have MAGIC PETS!

💰 Use your Magic Vacuum to vacuum up coins to buy Magic Eggs which hatch into Magic Pets. The more coins you collect the more Magic Pets you can buy! 

The more Magic Pets you own, the more power you have to run faster and jump higher.  

Upgrade you VacPack to carry more coins with you and make your Vacuum stronger.  

Play Magic Minigames in special areas like:
🌩️ SkyBounce
🗑️ The Junk Yard 
🌪️Hurricane Alley 
with your Magic Pets.  

In each area, you can collect Special Edition Magic Pets too! 

Evolve your Magic Pets to make them stronger using the Magic Pet Evolver and see if you can get the highest score.  

The game saves your place, so you never will lose your Magic Pets.  

💰 Watch for the Coin Eaters.  If you get them up, you get all the coins they have eaten!


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