Thing I'll start eventually and probably never finish, like usual

That said I do really want to make this into something eventually, and I have a solid idea for what I want (well no lol but I know the general type of thing) hence why it is getting pinned to my profile.

As you hopefully see by the title, it is planned to be Sanssouci, a palace in my city, and the, naturally, most beautiful object of man 
It has a lot of shapes that will be a pain to make, but I've really wanted to do a build directly derived from my city, and I guess this will be it

But no seriously don't expect anything//anything more than some basic/conceptual designs here for a long while I still want to finish my town place and then maybe one of my other unfinished places before.
Anything you see will likely be minimal and for outlining reasons; cool stuff comes later.

I can't fit a history lesson in the description, (barley this) so if interested, ask ingame


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