Alright so.. I haven't added an update in a while and I couldn't manage to get it done this weekend (9/15) I honestly am trying my hardest to get in the time to update, but now college homework is keeping me quite busy. So depending on if I get all this paperwork/homework done that there might be a update this weekend. But If i do manage to get the time I will try to add something very special to all you dedicated and loyal fans/players!
Credit to some people that helped with the project so far:
Cetharis (Helped me script and learn more, also an inspiration)
Rukiryo (Inspiration and taught me some stuff)
Chocky12 (Map maker, He quit the SAO project but thanks for the maps so far)
darclordxl (For helping me build a bit)
Moneylovinblockhead (Map maker of the 3rd map)
And Shout out to my GM's! Goldmanj, Goldmanm, Condescendant!
Special shoutout to Top Donaters: LifeHappens and Kuname
If you wish to contribute to the SAO project, and be apart of the SAO team Pm me!

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