Alpha Version: 6
This test is only for 24 hours to test some backend changes
No new updates in this test

Codes can be found on our server and twitter

Just testing some backend changes!

🏷Note: We are in our very early stages so expect a ton of bugs, balance issues, and whatnot. (sorry!)

 🗓  Update Log:
This update only includes a bunch of fixes/changes, no new features are in this update. (We have those saved for the future ;0)

🕹 Controls:
C: Open Inventory
E: Block
R: Melee
Double Tap W, A, S, D: Dash
Double Tap Space: Double Jump

💡 Performance Note: There is a low-performance mode for lower-end devices in our settings, you can also lower your graphics in ROBLOX settings.

😁 Welcome to Power Up Studio's latest project. We hope you enjoy your stay and support the game. Join our group for codes, events, and updates. 

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