Inspired, interestingly enough, by some freemodel game I found through Place Roulette!.

Going to experiement as well with some new building styles that are not exactly all that common for me, but I think they look decently enough? Will decide in time, of course. Another thing: Given that this is planned to be an entire small city, it will, of course, TAKE SOME TIME. A LOT OF TIME. To fully complete, that is, and I tend to not complete stuff, so yeah. INTERESTING.

So far my progress is just doing the exteriors. And generalwork too. Nothing on the interior is done and don't expect it for a while.The boundaries set by the walls will be moved, they are just placeholders for appearance. There may be some clipping, but a lot of it I know of and will fix later. Regardless though please message me any suggestions/crappy things that I can fix, I like that (no one has ever done it though ;-;)


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