β€’ Game updates bi-weekly on Fridays!
β€’ Your account must be at least 2 weeks old to play
β€’ Flying is not supported on mobile, but it is something that we are looking into

β€’ Two new locations, Medical Bay + Planet Phion!
β€’ Greyed out tabs for unreleased gamepasses
β€’ Bug fixes

β€’ Respect moderators / admins, and most importantly, other players.
β€’ Raiding, spamming, and roleplaying adult themes is unacceptable.
β€’ Avoid canon RP, or roleplaying as Diamonds + their Pearls.
β€’ Failure to follow the rules will likely result in a ban.

 This game is not affiliated with Cartoon Network or Rebecca Sugar in any shape or form.  This is a fan-made game heavily based off of the Steven Universe franchise. 

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