WIP GAME - updates semi-frequently
battle it out using some randomly thrown together stuff
please read gamepass descriptions before you buy, the kit upgrades only apply to certain kits!

some creds:
max5564 - furry, smug dance, and downed transition animations
Red - cone gunner, super soaker models + kit battle guide
EgoMoose - portal renderer, lots of code, rthro scale normalization
lnr_o - Mini Bus model
rallarei - Boss Tippin' badge icon
skatecar01 - BanjoKazooie animation, modelling Chasm Sword
Weplaythusgame - Explorer Kit
JiveOff - R.I.P RoPresence RoActivity API..
yellowfats - gun animations
Elttob - recreating the stock nameplate UI (tysm!), Fusion
dogwarrior24 - LootPlan RNG generation
greendummy - Circular Air Meter, new menu music
Creataurus - airhorn sound
NamerElf - kit preview models
you - for trying the game :D
thumbnail creators credits are in the thumbnail itself
map creators credits are ingame under "Map Credits" in the kit selection menu


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