🤑 Gamepass sale! (16 Pets Equip, Mythical Swords, Voltron's Sword, Infinite Backpack, +5 Pet Carry)

⚔️ Click to attack and kill NPCs with health bars over their heads!
💰 Sell your backpack for coins!
⏫ Use coins to upgrade your sword and backpack!
🐶 Buy epic pets to help you get more coins when you sell!
💪 Unlock new areas to fight stronger enemies and bosses!

Fight against a wide range of monsters, warriors, and soldiers! Collect coins to upgrade your weapons and backpack! Unlock pets to assist you in your journey! Fight your way up to the top and become a Warrior God!

🔔 Post suggestions and bugs on group wall & community server!
⭐ Lagging or someone stealing your kills? Create a FREE VIP Server!


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