New Pack: "Temporal Halo" - Over 80 new cards added! Thumbnail made by actualtsareena.

Blox Cards is a trading card game with over 1300 cards! Create your own deck and battle with your friends, enemies, and even AIs! Follow @Visleaf and @_IcyTea on Twitter for Prize Codes! 

Lead Programmers / Lead Developers - Visleaf, mohammed1336, ttarX4 

Builder - RaveTea 

Community Managers - Myrmiredon, SoulSearch and Blitzwolfer

 Director - IcyTea 

Card Designers: Aife, Arceusdon, Arte71, AviaChip, Blitzwolfer, BriggeyBruh, ChaoticCommando, Dairingpoophead, DeGabe, Dun_Goof, Fut_re, JohnnyTheRed, Julez_X, Le_Geometry, LeetWizard, Mitpaul, Myrmiredon, Oxpolot, PencilWizard, ReddenCult, Redifine11, Shirozaru, SoulSearch, TABGOODNESS, Treas0ner, TrixxsterTrixie, WarbearNomkins, Yoshius, actualtsareena, bengbeng14, creeperkiller510, juan2184, lun_r, tertiarick, ttarX4, unadaptably, whatthehelp

Thanks for playing!~

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