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Controls: P - Open shop | 1 - Equip Primary | F - Throw Grenade | X - Prone | C - Crouch | Shift - Run | Q / Right Click - Scope

Official Group:!/about

Welcome to the re-written, restored version of Paintball!, the now broken game by Daxter33. This re-written version was created by Ultimate_Table. 

Here are the 9 maps in the game: 
• Hillside
• Downtown
• Medieval Pasture
• Gorge 
• Classic Paintball
• Museum
• Snow Day
• Danger Close
• Scrapyard

This version contains the milestone rewards 'Landmines' and 'Sentries' but not 'Helicopters'. Killstreaks remain the same, as well as the gamepass perks!

Original (Broken):

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