Join the game to access any of the studios, available. To change your studio template, simply say "/studio" in the chat.

To access graphics, say "/graphics" or, on PC, press Shift + N(ew).

As we continue to finalise details, in the build-up to our grand unveiling, here are of what the new features include, but are not limited to...
- Over 30 customisable in-game lower-third graphics
- Mix-and-match different areas from different studio designs
- Newly designed HQ building
- Adjustable settings to limit lag
- Ability to share graphics
- Multiple versions of the same studio accessible at once with multiple people
- Live weather forecast data for over 100 worldwide cities
- Real-time news headlines, social feeds and markets

If you still have an interest in the old game and its newsroom, it has been moved to a permanent archive place, available here:


There are currently no running experiences.