All-new Wheel, releasing this January(ish)!

Upcoming features:
- Keep playing, without rejoining
- Thousands of new puzzles across categories
- Admin category removed
- Play with more people in larger servers
- Leaderboards for all stats
- Simplified and smoother animations
- Optional settings (dark/light mode, graphics, etc.)
- Community contributions
- In-game store (set the host, skins, stuff)
- Wild cards
- Generative, less repetitive, messages
- Mode for practice
- Brand new studio and graphics
- Use your keyboard to buzz or solve
- Difficulty varies round-by-round

Train your brain to spot missing letters and words, so you can be the first to solve the hundreds of puzzles, in the game. Take a chance, and spin the Wheel of Fortune!

Do YOU have an idea? Know what you'd like to see added? Or how we could improve the game? Let us know! We're on social media, or just post on our group wall.


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