VEEEERY VERY EARLY TEST RELEASE if you find any bugs pleaseee tell me there is sooo much more to be done but i made it accessible just to help test things

HUGE CREDIT AND THANKS goes to essarrgee(previously known as SomeRandomGuysrg)!!!!!!! without him this game would not exist, please go check out his stuff, it's worth a look!!

a filtering enabled "remake" of SomeRandomGuysrg's SCP-Lockdown, stylised to look and behave as accurate as it can to 2012 roblox lockdown. with the original uncopylocked, it's easy to access all of the game's assets and recreate them from scratch, better and more efficient.

this features :
- better optimization
- less lag
- cleaner building
- better scripts

it will have much more in the future but ey

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