Christmas update!

Added boats and helicopter

New level has been added.

💰 Trading added.

🔒 Store items in your personal safe. Armour shop added.

💣Cars and some other items can explode when shot at!

🛒 Guns and a gun shop has been added.

Some minor fixes. Added special prize wheel.

Added security items and lootable items in building mode.

Some new furniture has been added!

Added Clubs! Share your earnings between your friends!

👮 Improved AI and minor bug fixes. 

🕵️‍♂️ Live the life as a thief! 
💰 Steal stuff and sell them. Buy tools.
👮 Avoid getting caught and sent to prison. 
🔒 Escape from prison! 

(This is an early release. Please report any bugs)


There are currently no running experiences.