closed because roblox's updates screwed up the physics and nothing works anymore this is the largest standalone park on roblox im sorry about the wood grain being improper pls dont kill me ;-; This park has 7 coasters: -Colossus, an Intamin giga -Basilisk, a B&M floorless -Rocketqueen, a ??? sit-down vertical-launch thingy -Sh0t R0d, an Akali launch coaster -The Rover, a Schwarzkopf looper -Rumbler, a (PTC??) woodie -Avalanche, an Intamin swiss bobsled Credit to Frinigus for the logo :D Construction ### #### #### began on 7/8/2015 and died on 11/18/2015, then de-ripped on 7/25/2016, then died again on 11/24/2016

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