▌Huge reminder , this is a demo and It's sole purpose is to show off the construction of the game its self .  There is absolutely no official game play , so please don't expect one this is just a free roam. The Full game will start being developed and the game will be released by 2017 , the month is unknown.

▌ This game is combined with  TJOC:R & Paranormal Activity . And the construction was inspired by Silent Dark By Zeekers so that's why it's similar. And also remember to say which animatronic from fnaf you'd like to take the lead in diox.

▌Also I want to give a huge thanks to Angels_Develop because this demo wouldn't even be possible without her so show her some love.

▌ And yes I'm very aware that there are glitches within the demo so I'll be fixing those soon. Along with that you can't go in the basement of the game as well due to ridiculous unions , so that will also be fixed soon.

▌ Lastly if you'd like to see the full game come out make sur

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