🎉Welcome to Jetpack Simulator! 🚀

The game where you have a Jetpack which you use to harvest energy ⚡ and explore the Galaxy! 🌌

👍 Leave a like if you enjoy the game! 👍

🐹Collect Pets to help you harvest energy!🐹
⛽Fill up your fuel tank⛽
⚡Fly into the sky with your jetpack!⚡
💰Sell your fuel for cash!💰
🌵Explore vast areas and planets!🌵

- Removed bosses (temporarily maybe)
- Fixed major bugs
- Fixed performance issues

💳 Credits: 💳
🔹Created by Enqrypted🔹    @EnqryptedDev 
🌇Partially Built By Swootch🌇   @Swoootch
🎨Thumbnail By Breezy_Design🎨    @Design_Breezy

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