Everland is a open-world MMO. Beta is currently open.

Update 1.5.1
- Fixed the Mushroom Warlock enemy in the Woodlands giving no experience.
- Fixed the Mushroom Wizard enemy in the Woodlands casting its fire orb spell every 30th of a second, causing heavy lag.

Update 1.5
- Added a badge for obtaining 200,000 experience.
- Added 50 new sword attachments and 5 materials.
- Added 5 new armor sets for each class.
- Doubled the durability of most weapons.
- Added a new area, The Woodlands.
-- You can dye your armor with plants you've found in The Woodlands. Special dyes will also drop from enemies.

- Optimized various parts of the game.

- Fixed opening the escape menu while swinging your sword causing your arm to fall off
- Fixed mashing an ability button causing that ability to break.
- Fixed rare cases where player movement would error.
- Fixed doors flinging players.

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